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A new way of of distributing Finding Peace

Here, at Project: Steps to Christ, during the pandemic, amidst lockdown and stay at home orders, reaching others is still possible and easier than ever. PSTC, not being an essential service, must follow the pandemic protocols. Due to stay-at-home restrictions our regular neighborhood mailings are sporadic. God provided an unconventional way to reach people where they are, without putting them, ourselves and the postal workers to any exposure to this virus.

Living in a Digital World

Many changes have come in today’s society and personal space and security are only part of these changes.  Most have some type of digital connection with the world. We must realize that to reach these people we must meet them where they are. What can we do?  Mass mailing may be advantageous in some areas. Many are getting their information via digital means, from the latest world news to the latest world trends, in touch with friends and following the latest escapades of the rich and famous. Facebook Ad is meeting them on the devices they are employing. It is time we use every tool we can to reach out to Canadians and Facebook ads is one way to do this. You don’t need a computer, a website or a Facebook page, we will take care of all the technical aspect.

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Facebook Ad

It is a paid advertisement that shows up randomly on their “Facebook wall” offering, in the case of our evangelistic intent, a free message book. Facebook lead ads work by making sign-ups easy for people and more valuable for ministry response. Lead ads look just like regular ads but when a person clicks on it, they’ll see a form that’s already filled out with information they previously shared with Facebook. They simply submit and we take care of the rest.

Untapped potential

  • There is 19 Million Canadians registered on Facebook.
  • 9.4 Million Canadians use Facebook via mobile devices (phone, tablet).
  • On average Canadians have 190 Facebook Friends.
  • More than 14 Million Canadians check their Facebook news feed every day.
  • Canadians are the most active Facebook users in the world.
    • Taken from Facebook Stats

How It Works

  • You choose the area to cover,
  • Decide on the amount of the ad,
  • Choose the ad, we have several design.
  • Choose the run time of the ad. (we recommend 2 weeks)
  • PSTC prepares the ad and place the ad
  • PSTC will mail the book to the recipient
  • PSTC will send all leads generated to the sponsor for personal follow-up.

Your Cost

Facebook Ads cost is determined by your budget, Minimum is $100.00 and as high as your budget will allow. A $50.00 administration fee per ad is charged, this covers the ad creation and ensure that it is working. If your ad fails to generate leads we will run a different ad to see if we can get a better result.(we can’t guarantee every ad will generate leads) At the end of the campaign we will process all leads. A $5.00 charge per lead covers the cost of the book and 1st class postage and all future free materials requested from the book offers.

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