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Reaching one home at a time

One mailbox at a time…

Many changes have come in today’s society and personal space and security are only part of these changes.  Residences are very leery opening doors to strangers.  More and more are living in gated communities and secured apartment buildings, where solicitation is banned.  What can we do?  How can we spread the gospel to our neighbors?  How can we reach the rural areas and the far north where boats and planes are the normal means of transportation?  Canadians are very private people, politics and religion are subjects that can invoke very strong opinions.  PROJECT: Steps to Christ offers a way to reach out to fellow Canadians through direct mailing. 

PROJECT: Steps to Christ (PSTC) has realized how difficult it is for most church and individuals to reach Canadians in their local area, either because of volume of residences, the vast area to cover or large number of secured apartment buildings in cities. PSTC can plan a mailing to correspond with a church event, we can cover a large area all at the same time.  Radio and television are other powerful methods of communication but most of our Adventist broadcastings is currently unavailable to most homes in Canada.  Direct mail guarantees an audience by its very nature. Everybody has a mailbox.

how do we reach the top floor

The Canadian postal service hires thousands of mail carriers who will deliver our message of hope to every home in Canada, no questions asked. It also provides the opportunity for individuals to consider the message without the perceived threat of a personal encounter with a living messenger.

Your Commitment…

  • You or your church decide on an area to cover with Finding Peace
  • You contact PSTC and we will indicate the number of routes and homes in each route
  • You choose the route to cover
  • You select the time you would like the mailing to go out.
  • You or your church conducts the personal follow-up on each interest.

PSTC’s Commitment…

  • PSTC will prepare the books for mass mailing.
  • PSTC will bring them to the local post office for delivery to the distribution center
  • PSTC will take responsibility to fulfill all request for free books or Bible Studies
  • PSTC will record all information into our database
  • PSTC will forward all request cards to an individual(church member or yourself) for personal follow-up


  • The number of homes in a carrier route is determined by the post office. They can range for a few homes to 1000. We must cover the complete route.
  • Not all homes will get a book, individuals have the right to refuse neighborhood mail and no book will be delivered to those address.

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