PROJECT: Steps to Christ, Inc.

Addressing the needs of individuals and churches in their evangelistic goals

Limitless Reach

We can reach Canadians where they live.

Our goal is to reach Canadians with the inspired message found in the pages of ‘Finding Peace’ (Steps to Christ) by Ellen White. Collaborating together we can distribute this message across Canada.

Let’s solve Problems

How We Help You Succeed…

Mailing Campaign

A mailing program may be for you. Using the Canadian post office we can mass mail to your area with a Neighborhood mailing

Facebook Ad Campaign

In this day and age social media may be the way to go, where an ad would show up on one of Canada’s favorite platform – Facebook

Fran Sabourin

Program Director
Bible School coordinator

Jack Sabourin

Program Director
Mailing and Facebook Facilitator

Meet the Team

We Are Here to work with you to achieve your goals