I am a golfer. That, by itself, is a bold statement maybe I should say I play golf. Yes, I am one of those people who wish to release my built-up anxiety by trying to hit the stuffing out an innocent little white ball. The purpose of this exercise is to hit it has far and precis as possible, in an attempt to get it into a 4” hole. Traversing bends, hills and water, trees, tall grass and sand traps, anywhere from 120 yards to over 500 yards away, and do it all in the least number of strokes, over 18 holes.  Simple, right!

 Well, far and precis, are the two aspect of this game I failed to master in any degree of consistency.  But I still love the game, it is a game of honor and integrity.  No one is looking over your shoulder to ensure you follow the rules, that is left to your own honesty. Even if I don’t play in tournaments, the only opponent I have to consider is myself.  My goal is to better than my last score by one stroke, most of the time it does not always pan out the way.

 I know I could cheat and eliminate some really botched stokes, and they do happen every game, but it would be defeating the purpose of the game and when playing with others I want to be taken as a worthy opponent.  The handicap system is a way to equalize all players forgiving some stroke to the least experienced players. Cheating would only be intensified by the handicap system.  

Golf is a little like life.

You try to do your best and to improve in all aspect of life, let it be in sport, academic, work or relationships.  We also tend to look at our peers their accomplishments and we try to emulate or better them. 

We are after all the architecture of our own life.  We may look at others and covet who they are or what they have accomplished.  They are respected and looked upon as leaders. Respect is earned over time. It is how we react to situations we face, do we do it the right way or the easy way, do we cut corners, do we lie or just ignore it.

Accomplishments are the result of hard work.  Sometimes having to start over a number of times. Spending many long hours refining the outcomes and then even more hours in sustaining the results.

Playing the game of life is not always enjoyable and it is a long process.  We are left to our own truthfulness and our own means to accomplish our goals.  Sometimes cheating, lying or cutting corners may give you an advantage in certain situations, sooner or later we get caught up in a web of deceit and lies. The only one you are deceiving is yourself, as in golf. 

We pride ourselves in our accomplishments, we all wish to leave a legacy. Very few of us will be able to leave scholarships, property or an invention that will revolutionize life…   We are not able to be all Einstein’s, Edison’s or Socrates’.  Our legacy may be as simple as the one who impacts or influences the next generation, by our honesty and commitment and how we live our lives.

Well wish me luck I am off to the golf course to work on life and hopefully, my golf game.