Funny side of ‘IT’!

Hello world!

‘IT’ came to me a long time ago; I really can’t remember the exact time but before I realized ‘IT’ was there. ‘IT’ was intriguing, robust, annoying defiant but also calm, gentle, witty, graceful, charming and cleaver. Over the years ‘IT’ has changed, grown older, wiser and experienced.  Over time ‘IT’ has become quite knowledgeable. Some say they have seen ‘IT’ on TV.  Many have spotted ‘IT’ at the theater.  I heard that ‘IT’ was in space, landed on the moon and ‘IT’ has gone to the depth of our deepest oceans. ‘IT’ has encountered the wildest beast and ‘IT’ cradle the most vulnerable.

I remember as a child playing tag and someone was always ‘IT’ but nobody ever really changed.  I was told many times to watch ‘IT’ and wait for ‘IT’ but every time I looked for ‘IT’, ‘IT’ eluded my gaze.  Sometimes you forget about ‘IT’, and ‘IT’ always come back to you, I am told.

For myself I could never figure ‘IT’ out, I keep looking for ‘IT’.  One day I will find ‘IT’, then I hope I don’t lose ‘IT’ . You can be with ‘IT’ and yet be so far from ‘IT’.  ‘IT’ can answer questions and find answers to complex problems.  So my advice is when you get ‘IT’, grab on to ‘IT’ and never let ‘IT’ go.  During your life you keep passing ‘IT’ on to a new generation.  ‘IT’ is amazing, most people don’t realize, ‘IT’ is happening around them, all the time.

Stories have been told about ‘IT’ and this is one of them. Think about ‘IT’. ‘IT’ is all over the place.  Everybody is talking about ‘IT’ so get with ‘IT’, enjoy ‘IT’.  For now, talk about ‘IT’ and tell a friend about ‘IT’ and if you ever catch “IT” tell me all about “IT”. “IT” is what ‘IT” is!

For what ‘IT’ is worth!