The Rebel

Hello world!

I remember as a child my parents at times, which seemed too often but actually far and few, made my life a nightmare, or so it seemed at the time.  They were not in tune with my needs and wants.  They had these antiquated ideas and they were forcing me, an independent free-spirited child to adhere to those obsolete rules. They made my life a living nightmare with their demands and discipline.  Please don’t get me wrong, I had a beautiful childhood.  When I had children of my own, I heard the same lines…you don’t get it…it’s not the same anymore… get with the times…you’re an old fogey, different words, same thoughts, 20 years later.

I’ve learnt that all actions we take have consequences, some good, some bad, some major and some insignificant, but there are definite consequences to our actions.  We as parents  want to minimize those consequences for our children.  With age came some maturity and a little wisdom but most of all experience.  As parents we see the world change and we want to protect our children from potential pain and hardship of a cruel, difficult, changing world.  Children will rebel and fight to get their way, for what they see is not always what a parent sees.

The rebellious state will be the same, to some extent, in the future, for generations to come, it’s nature, it’s independence, it’s growing up.  I believe it was the same since the beginning of time.   2000 years ago Luke wrote something about this, and it is immortalized in the pages of the holy scriptures, take a moment and read it Luke 15:11-32(link). The son left for the big city and in desperation came back home to the delight of his father.  I too went to my father and told him how much I appreciated what he did for me in those rebellious years, and so did my children come to me. Parents will continue to be protective and children will continue to be rebellious.

                                                            For what it’s worth!