Hello World!

From conception to death men and women consistently change. As a rule, we don’t like change, we tend to shy away from it. We boast how things have changed for the best and in many cases it has, but in the second breath we talk about “the good old days’., referring to our youth.  Remember, today, is a new generation’s ‘good old days’.   Some changes we have no choice such as growing old or illness, but other changes we either accept or reject.  Humanity has been looking for the fountain of youth since the beginning of time, let it be the Holy Grail or Jason Golden Fleece, growing old is a change that for some, is very hard to accept.  Just ask yourself why there are so many plastic surgeons in California. Change that give us more leisure time, shorter work hours or better conditions or more money are more acceptable than others. Our comfort range is grooved deeply into our way of life and any deviation from that comfort range we tend to be very skeptical of it. We weigh the PROS and CONS and make our decision. 

So here we are doing the same thing over and over again hope for a different outcome. Albert Einstein is broadly credited with exclaiming “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. Granted some of the old ways may be the best. Then again 1960 is much different than 2017 and what was great in 1960 will not have the same results today.  People lifestyle are completely different from 1960 to 2017. People are on the move, time is precious, they are multitasking.  Maybe we can take a lesson from the experts —advertisers.  Their message is short, 15 to 30 seconds in most cases, to the point and repeats over and over again. They may only catch the attention of a few people every time the commercial is played,but if you repeat the commercial over 1000 times, they may have reached 2000 individuals and then word of mouth reaches even more. 

Evangelism is no different.  It is time to move out of our comfort range into the abyss of new ideas and try something different. We might succeed or it may be a dismal flop, but we will have tried.  We may have to reach out to  2 to 5 people, in short, informative meetings and do it over and over again. Maybe give them a choices to educate themselves in their leisure time at home by correspondence. Reaching 20 to 50 people over a 2 or 3-week period may be asking too much in a rushing society where every minute counts, where couples are balancing work, family life and a social life.  If we never try, nothing will change and the results will be the same… That’s insane…

For what it’s worth!

The Rebel

Hello world!

I remember as a child my parents at times, which seemed too often but actually far and few, made my life a nightmare, or so it seemed at the time.  They were not in tune with my needs and wants.  They had these antiquated ideas and they were forcing me, an independent free-spirited child to adhere to those obsolete rules. They made my life a living nightmare with their demands and discipline.  Please don’t get me wrong, I had a beautiful childhood.  When I had children of my own, I heard the same lines…you don’t get it…it’s not the same anymore… get with the times…you’re an old fogey, different words, same thoughts, 20 years later.

I’ve learnt that all actions we take have consequences, some good, some bad, some major and some insignificant, but there are definite consequences to our actions.  We as parents  want to minimize those consequences for our children.  With age came some maturity and a little wisdom but most of all experience.  As parents we see the world change and we want to protect our children from potential pain and hardship of a cruel, difficult, changing world.  Children will rebel and fight to get their way, for what they see is not always what a parent sees.

The rebellious state will be the same, to some extent, in the future, for generations to come, it’s nature, it’s independence, it’s growing up.  I believe it was the same since the beginning of time.   2000 years ago Luke wrote something about this, and it is immortalized in the pages of the holy scriptures, take a moment and read it Luke 15:11-32(link). The son left for the big city and in desperation came back home to the delight of his father.  I too went to my father and told him how much I appreciated what he did for me in those rebellious years, and so did my children come to me. Parents will continue to be protective and children will continue to be rebellious.

                                                            For what it’s worth!