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Catch 22

Hello World catch-22 noun  a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions. We live in a catch 22 world, that is, we reduce pollution on the vehicles we drive, but on the other hand we sell and introduce more vehicles on the market.  We want …

Funny side of ‘IT’!

Hello world! ‘IT’ came to me a long time ago; I really can’t remember the exact time but before I realized ‘IT’ was there. ‘IT’ was intriguing, robust, annoying defiant but also calm, gentle, witty, graceful, charming and cleaver. Over the years ‘IT’ has changed, grown older, wiser and experienced.  Over time ‘IT’ has become …


Hello World! From conception to death men and women consistently change. As a rule, we don’t like change, we tend to shy away from it. We boast how things have changed for the best and in many cases it has, but in the second breath we talk about “the good old days’., referring to our …