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What Book Readers are Saying

It is so amazing the testimonies we receive. How the Holy Spirit is working in the lives of so many Canadians. As the share with us, we rejoice with them in their newfound joy and revelation, found in the Word of God. Each person we respond to receives a survey/comment card and so many reply. Canadians have many un-answered questions; we will do our best to provide them with a reply to their inquiries through the Word of God.  We have come to the realization we have no power to convince people of truth, but if we leave the Holy Spirit do His work and let Him choose the time, He will convict them of truth and great results will come in time.
John 8:32 "The you will know thr truth, and the rtuth will set you Free"

Pete from Ontario

Pete writes: I was baptized and accepted into the church family of Cobourg on Dec 14th 2013. I am so happy at last found the Truth. As Pete continues to Bible study by correspondence he shares in March 2014: Excellent study – makes me want more of God.

Benjanim - via ' website

I am reading your booklet, Finding Peace. I must say I have never read a book before that explained things so clearly. I always thought that one had to repent before they could come to Christ. Now I know that I can come to Christ, and He will help me all the way to repentance. Thank you! He requested a Bible study. 

Benjamin is only one of many who feels they must be perfect to come to Christ. A thief found guilty and sentenced to death on a cross, this man was a thief to the day he died, but Jesus promised him a place in heaven. 

Myrtle from New Brunswick

Hi I am checking to see if you people are still on the scene. I have the booklet “Finding Peace”. I don’t know how long I have had it, so I was wondering if you was still around and if so I would like to receive what I have check on the enclosed card. Please advise. P.S. Send me a list or catalogue of products available cost of same etc. Thanks. 

This is a response to a mailing of Finding Peace done at least 3 years ago. How many booklets are left on shelves waiting for the right moment to release its message?

Nanetta - Ontario

I want you to know that these lessons have answered so many questions that I have asked to be reinstated in the Simcoe SDA church again. Thank you so much! 

It is a joy hearing such news and it confirms PSTC literature is making a difference, leading people to Jesus. Reminds me of the prodigal son, Luke 15:32“…he was lost and is found” all of heaven rejoices when the lost are found.

Susan - Ontario 

Thank you so very much for continuing to sending me Bible studies. I have learned & grown in God’s Word so much because of these studies. In March she writes: Because there is no church for me to go to, I will look forward to the heavenly communion there in heaven. Hopefully there may be a church in my area that I will be able to attend one day. 

PSTC mails literature to very remote areas that is what we were commission to do, tell others about Jesus, answer questions and help them navigate the word of God through Bible Studies.