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Our Services Are Here For You!

What PSTC will provide

  • PSTC will print the books
  • PSTC will prepare the papers for mailing
  • PSTC will prepare the books for mailing
  • PSTC wil deliver the book to the post office
  • PSTC will track mailing
  • PSTC will respond to all request
  • PSTC will correct all Bible Studies
  • PSTC will keep all records of mailing and request
  • PSTC will return the responce card to the church for personal follow-up
  • PSTC will join you in prayer
all for .70 cents per home

A few Links...

Finding Peace

Check out our online evangelistic site
Designed for the book reades, giving them access to many helpful resourses.www.findingpeace.,ca

PROJECT: Steps to Christ, Inc. USA

PROJECT: Steps to Christ, Inc. is a Seventh-day Adventist layman’s ministry instituted and designed to provide the opportunity for every home in America to have the gospel message delivered to their door.
PROJECT: Steps to Christ, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and a Member of ASI since 1991

PSTC (USA) and PSTC Canada are not directly affiliated except in name, purpose, and mission. Any donations designated for PSTC Canada will remains in Canada

The Bible Gateway

An on-line Bible resource

About our Services

And How you can help...

PROJECT: Steps to Christ will provide all the background work in facilatating a mailing to any part of Canada. Our Bible Correspondance School will correct and fufill any material requested by the students and book readers. This information is made available to the sponsors and the managers (those who are responsible for the personal follow-up) at their request. But PSTC can only do so much at a distance. You or the local church must also take an active role in these mailings. Mrs. White wrote in the 'Testimonies for the Church, vol. 3 p.204' "Much can be done through the medium of the press, but still more can be accomplished if the influence of the labours of the living preacher gtoes with our purlications. The success of your Saturation Mailing largely depends on the personal efforts made before and after the books are mailed. Plans should be made well in advance to insure that when the interest cards come back from your mailing there is someone ready to meet the needs of the individuals who have responded.

How to Promote Your Mailing Project

  • Share the project with other evangelistic-minded members.
  • Request additional copies of our inspirational newsletters and our information brochures to pass along.    
  • Tell a friend with email links to our website and our online library of evangelistic sharing books.
  • Purchase sample books to share with other members. They alone speak volumes and value for the project.
  • Like us on Facebook and post us on your wall.    Like us on facebook
  • When there is a commitment from the church to get involved, be it large or small, keep the project before the church frequently. Report, report, report! Keep the project alive! This type of project does not create a big bang in the church and can be easily forgotten. The “silent messenger of truth” works quietly behind closed doors and the results are often imperceptible to us. Talk the value of “seed sowing” and the promises of God to back it up.


How it works

6 easy steps detailing the process of planning and executing a mailing ...

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Sponsoring a mailing is only the first part, the success depends on the follow-up...

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First contact

What should I say? A very important question and we have given a few examples...

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