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How Many Can be REACHED

PROJECT: Steps to Christ is responding to a call. A call from Jesus himself, Mark 16:15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation". (NIV). It is our commission to go to our friends, our neighbors, our local area and it is also our commission to reach out to the cities.


But he said, “I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.”

We have all been faithful in reaching out to the rural parts of Canada, our friends, our neighbors, our surrounding area, but there are millions in the large cities that are unknowingly waiting for an invitation to meet Jesus, it is our commission to reach out and preach the gospel to all.  Look at the early churches of the Bible, they were all in cities, the apostles went to them.  We are todays apostles and we need to go to the large cities

Many to choose from:

Toronto 485,843 homes
Vancouver 166,380 homes
Ottawa 329,739 homes
Calgary 406,432 homes
Edmonton 329,147 homes

Time is of the essence, Canada Post has given all the option to refuse neighbourhood mail (junk mail). More and more homes are getting out of reach.


Local Churches

The churches, in our large cities, are doing great work, helping and feeding the poor and other programs, and their resource may be limited or directed in one or two programs.  How about the people living in high-rises, gated communities, condos? Personal evangelism is nearly impossible, but they all have a mailbox. PSTC want to put a 'Finding Peace' in every possible mailbox in these areas

We may never know how many of these silent messengers will be read, how many readers will commit to Jesus, but we will have done what was asked of us, to go and preach the gospel.

The Churches

We may never know how many will commit to Jesus after reading these silent messenger, God will know.  I’ve heard it too many times, we will take care of our area and let the believers in the cities take care of the cities.  We are all believers and it is our duty to reach out to as many as possible in rural areas as well in the cities, maybe more so in the sinful temptation of the large metropolitans.  I personally know many who have chosen to live in the city, should I not try reaching out to my friends and their neighbors. I believe God will not ask us how many we invited to our church, but how many we invited to His Church. 

Time is short 

Many factions around the world are at war. Tension and taunting among other countries and un-predictable leadership in others. Weather patterns are changing and in most cases not for the better. People are hurting, financially, physically and mentally. If all goes as planned, by this time next year Canada we will be a pot smoking country and with all the problems it will bring. The charter of rights is being challenged more and more and one day we may be prevented from bringing our written message to the general public for it may offend some. The time is now!

PROJECT: Steps to Christ is asking for your HELP in reaching the large cities. If you are able to do a saturation mailing to a city, I will be happy to get the informmation you will need. If you can donate in any amount, to the Large City Project it would greatly help and appreciated by those who may never be reached by any other means than their mailbox. Earmark your donation for the 'LARGE CITY PROGRAM'. If nothing else we solicite your prayers for this project. We are to sow the seeds and others may nurture the seedlings, and even others will do the harvesting. BUT LET US ALL REMEMBER THE HARVEST BELONGS TO GOD.