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Reaching Canadians...One mailbox at a time!

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    A Collaboration

    Door to door evangelism is getting more difficult, gated communities and secured apartment buildings, large rural area to cover are just a few examples of the complications facing the churches.  PROJECT: Steps to Christ partners with you or your church to spread the good news.

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    No Shortage of Workers

    “The harvest is great but the labourers are few;” however, the Canadian Postal Service employs thousands of mail carriers who will deliver the message of salvation to evey home for us, no questions asked.

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    Combined with today's high-speed presses, advanced mailing technology, it affords us th ability to quickly carry the gospel to every home. These mailings provide and easy, affordable, and effective way for you to SOW the gospel seed and find spiritual interests in your community.

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    Planting seeds of Hope

    Direct mail may be the only way to reaching many classes of people, some we may have thought impossible to reach. 'If there is one work more important than another, it is that of getting our publications before the public, this leading them to search the Scriptures.' testimonies vol.4 p.390. They can consider the message without the perceived treat of a personal encounter.


Mailbox Evangelism

Many changes have come in today’s society and personal space and security are only part of these changes. Residences are very leery opening doors for strangers ...

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Book Reader Library

Meeting The Needs... One special feature found in ‘Finding Peace and The Looking Glass’ is our offers for a variety of free booklets that appeals to the reader’s felt needs...

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Internet Evangelism

It seems that the majority of the people I meet have adapted to a new type of media, namely smart phones, tablets and eBook readers and we offer a media for those on the run...

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Leading them

All can sow the gospel seed, the elderly, the young, the handicapped, everyone. Reaching the unreachable, apartment complexes, gated communities and the parsley populated areas...

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